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Offering the best selection of healthy, beautiful plants for any place and any occasion.

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Reliable with 35+ Years of Experience

35 + years of experience serving Davidson, Williamson and Maury Counties. Clients like The Rennaissance Hotel, Maury Regional, Franklin Synergy, Boyle Investment and St. Thomas Hospital trust us with their design needs through our Plants Alive! Tennessee plant leasing program.

We Truly Care

We take time to make sure whether you are a member of our plant leasing program or are buying from our commercial retail division that you are happy, 

Whether it be design, our decorative containers, wall planters or plants, Plants Alive! Tennessee wants you to be happy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Plants Alive! Tenessee Leasing Program offers a 100% guarantee. If a plant dies or shows distress we replace it for free. 

For full details on all of Plants Alive! Tennessee services and guarnatees set an appointment with us today!

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